SW Iowa Cargill Finishing Barn

New Modern Concepts is proud to be a Preferred Builder for Cargill Pork, LLC. Working with the specifications of both Cargill Pork and the custom feeder, we’re putting the final touches on a finishing barn located in southwest Iowa. Driven by proven science, performance results, user friendliness and animal comfort, the Cargill design is tunnel ventilated and features the large pen design with sort off areas. The barn was pre-engineered by EPS, inspected post-framing and custom made to fit the requirements of the customer. The barn features AP feed and ventilation systems, custom made wet/dry feeders and feed flowability technology on the bins. New Modern Concepts have built both the standard 2400 head design and well as the larger 4800 head “H” barn design. Here are a few photos of the project in various stages of construction.